Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you offer “laughing gas / Nitrous” for your nervous patients?
Yes, we do use nitrous oxide or conscious sedation to put our patients at ease. It is completely reversible so you can drive home after.
2What are dental sealants? Who should get them and how long do they last?
Sealants are a thin plastic coating that a hygienist paints on the biting surface of your teeth. They are bonded onto the permanent molars of children ages 6-16. They can also be placed on adults with no fillings in their back teeth. The sealants can last for years provided they don’t chip or wear away.
3Does whitening damage my teeth?
No, the whitening agent is perfectly safe. Depending on the strength of the solution chosen for you there may be some sensitivity which is easily fixed by using a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.
4Does the dentist accept children as patients?
Of course, this is a very family friendly practice.
5How long does freezing last?
Depending upon which local anesthetic the dentist chooses to use the freezing feeling can last from 30 min. to over an hour. It depends upon what procedure is being done and where in the mouth it is performed.


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